The tools I used for ‘Twitter’

After publishing last weeks blog post, I’m now reflecting on all the tools I used to carry out my research and to give me the information to post my blog, to evaluate which ones were useful and why.

First of all we were split into groups and given a social media platform. The one we were given was Twitter, then we had to conduct research to see how you become popular on Twitter, and the taxonomy and folksonomy of Twitter.

Using Google as our search engine we were looking for websites and articles that explained how to become ‘Twitter Famous’. By using the internet to find our sources it brought up multiple options for us to read through and select the most relevant ones; in order pick our favourite to then save to a Pinterest board. To help us be able to save these quickly and efficiently, we installed the Pinterest plugin to our browser, which when clicked on, will pin the page straight to your chosen board. I found the Pinterest board helpful as it stored all our research together in one place and was very easy to pin more things to.

Just a few of the pins that we saved to our Pinterest board

We then had to do research into taxonomy and folksonomy and establish how both of these fitted and were used on Twitter. With the information that we had collated we then wrote a blog post on all the different types of taxonomy and folksonomy and how they are used by both the company and its users. Users can put all this to practice in order to become ‘Twitter Famous’. Finally when we had completed our blog with all the information and a few pictures, we published the blog and posted on Twitter that it had been published.

This is a link to my previous blog all about ‘Twitter’.