10 Things I learned this week. #PBandJterm

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  1. Happiness comes before success

In reading the blog Success and Happiness and watching the TED talk by Shawn Achor, I learned that happiness comes before success. One can never be truly happy with their success if they did not enjoy the journey or take the time to appreciate the work they have accomplished. However when you experience joy while working you will be sure to make it to achieve success

2. Nothing is original

Phoro Credit: via fastocodesign.com

Looking at all my favorite artist, I’ve always looked at them as being very original. With thinking this, I would strive to make the best original projects I could without the help of others. But this week I found out that nothing is original. All of the great artist that I thought were so authentic, got their ideas from their favorite artist.

“If we stop trying so hard to be original, we can embrace influence.”

3. It’s okay to copy

With learning that nothing is really original it encouraged me to copy. By copying I mean looking at my favorite artist and everything that inspires me and incorporating it in my work. This doesn’t mean stealing or plagiarizing everything I see. It means being inspired by great ideas to make some of my own.

4. When creating use your body too, not just your head

After reading chapter 4 in Steal Like An Artist, I learned that when creating you should use more than just your mind. Use your whole body and all your senses. Motion inspires more creativity. Use different outlets and activities to get the best ideas for a project.

5. You can keep all your passions in life

Previously, I thought to really succeed at something that it had to be your only focus. I thought you had to drop everything else in order to really only focus on one thing. But now I know that is not true. You can pursue all the things that you want. Of course, this has to be done with some type of organization but it is not impossible. So if you have multiple passions (like me) you don’t have to only focus on one. Pursue all the passions that make you happy.

6. How to use hootsuite and medium

This class has really been exposing me to new ways to use social media and new social media sites. For instance, I had no idea Medium and Hootsuite even existed. I am glad that I am being exposed to these different sites and how to use them.

7. You can be a productive procrastinator

This lesson really stuck with me! Up to this week I had no clue the words procrastinator and productive could even co exist. However, I learned the trick. Start multiple projects if you always feel you can never finish just one. And when you are stuck on one project, go to the next. But you have to always be working on something, that is the key to this method.

8. You have to learn how to learn

This is a concept that takes students a minute to get. Often times we expect the source to know how to teach us. We blame teachers, coaches and even sometimes our peers for our learning experiences. When in reality it is up to the individual to learn how to learn and the best way you learn. You have to know how to adapt to a situation if necessary and figure out what works best for you. Once you do this, you will get the most out of education and have more positive learning experiences.

9. The three attributes for my brand

On the second day of J term, Mrs. Falk had us brainstorm and write down our brand attributes. For mine I chose, passionate, vibrant and encouraging. These are all things I think I am and what I want my brand to represent. I am happy Mrs. Falk had us do the brand attributes activity because it helped me understand more myself and my brand.

10. Stop doing things you hate

This statement probably stuck with me the most from the text, Steal Like An Artist. I have seen numerous people have jobs that they hate. This reflects in everything they do and how they carry themselves. I know that that life isn’t one I want. I don’t want to wake up dreading the idea of going to work. I want to be happy and be able to share my joy with others. But in order to do this I must stop doing things I hate. Some things you have to do but other things you don’t and its up to you to know the difference.

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