Why did I get this life

Why did I get this head

This fucking fucked up mind

Why do I got to be like this
Why must I feel like this

The fucking thing ruins my life

The people in it

They don’t want anything to do with it

Telling me they don’t want a friend a daughter a sister like this

Saying it like I want to be like it

I’m just having a break down

And it’s disgusting because it will make the love go away people feel for me

Crying till my eyes sting

Getting so angry my face turns purple

Banging my head so hard because I hate I got this



I’ll be like this forever I swear no one will understand just stare

In awe how I wont help myself

I don’t want myself

I just want to be held and told it’s okay

Not be alone at the wrong time when my mind takes me away