Paid Social Advertising on Twitter

This Twitter chat with #HootChat was all about paid advertising on social media. Starting with Q1 we talked about why brands are focusing more on paid social than ever before, and what the benefits of paid ads are on Twitter. The ability to diagnose why paid ads are useful on Twitter was apropos because Twitter was the medium with which the chat was being held. Answers ranged from limited character cap to highly selective targeting. In my personal opinion, the character limit is what is most significant about Twitter’s advertisements. Because you have to put a call to action, and a convincing message in 160 characters, the advertisement is usually concise, to the point, and seems less like an ad because you have to inject personality into such a small space. Next, we talked about the types of posts an advertiser should promote and the key metrics used to measure the response on those ads. I think what most people miss when they publish content, is that it needs to be what the users want to see. Of course the end goal is to promote your product, but you have to form a relationship with your consumer — build brand loyalty. Content should be targeted towards the user or you won’t increase the number of follows you get. Most users answered that ROI was the best metric to use to measure the effectiveness of a Twitter ad, and I believe they’re right. Of course retweets and shares are also a good metric. Best practices for building Twitter ads mostly involve creating great visuals. Twitter ads with visuals have vastly greater engagement. One of the final questions asked during the chat were brand leaders we should take inspiration from. Most recently, I did a social media project on Taco Bell. I was incredibly inspired by their authentic tone and incredible popularity. Take a look at Taco Bell’s Twitter account and see what you think. Until next time. #HootChat