Cos 105

Cos 115 (Artist Taylor Pam)

The stem of a passionate heart burns purple and flows into the main structure. It is a prideful display of twisting tethers that circle around into a ring of heat and mist. Waves of orangey purple resound from the source and taper off, slowly joining the invisible spectrum. They falter like curtains in the wind with a thin, velvety feel and open a pathway into the ring as other extensions fork off to explore the inner mechanisms, making the light storm look almost like a leaf.

Parts of the ring flow back into the stem creating a waterfall effect that calms and then shoots out spurts like water crashing upon the rocky terrain at the base. They spit outward like sparklers in the abyss. The restless structure picks up on this energy and swirls at the edges, turning around to jump back inward and rejoin the hearth in its inviting embrace.

Cos 105. This is digital art. Oil Painting of 48" x 48" (121cm x 121cm) available from artist.(c) Taylor Pam 1998–2015, all rights (worldwide) reserved.

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