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eSignatures entered the largest vertical of them all, the government, with the passage of the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) in 1999 and the United States Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) in 2000 respectively. Among immediate improvements were increased accessibility to citizen services and an average form sign time…


Profiling those who champion change in government process.

Every day the team here at SeamlessDocs interacts with employees from all levels of Government across the U.S. — from Public Information Officers down to Town Clerks, we’ve seen it all.

That said, we can’t help but notice an archetype that emerges from the hundreds of employees we speak with everyday — much like the “Champion” that software Business-to-Business organizations talk about, with a few key differences.

Government innovators — “Governators” for short — famously personified by the former Governor of California and new host of The Apprentice, Arnold Schwarzenegger, have a…

This year I was going to win Black Friday.

As offline retail and eCommerce have become irreversibly intertwined, Black Friday has taken a new form. To me, Black Friday means two things. As a digital marketer, it means an opportunity to learn acquisition tactics and branding strategies from the best of the best. As a yuppie consumer it means deals, deals, deals.

Without a doubt, Black Friday is the Super Bowl of digital marketing and eCommerce. …

This week marks my first 3 months of marketing to government. As much as I believe I’ve learned over the last 90 days, the one thing I am sure I know — is that I am just beginning to understand the true complexities of government, especially involving change management and procurement. Every so often, a deal that looks sure to close, or a marketing campaign that looks engaging and interesting, is beset by complex processes and subtleties out of my control.

As I come to understand little by little, government is a well-oiled machine that, while often having the very…

Taylor S. Engstrom

Mktg @SeamlessDocs | Fmr @Curalate | History alum & Ex-Jock @Cornell | Muses on tech, consumerism and entertainment

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