Cheers to 2017: 37 Things I Learned, Did and Created in my 37th Year of Life.

1. Brought in the new year with a fireworks show in Oslo, Norway. 
2. Learned the true definition of entrepreneurship. 
3. Played shuffleboard for the first time, and got pretty good at it. 
4. Started jumping again for the first time since rupturing my Achilles in 2016. 
5. Took my son to see the Eiffel Tower.
6. Learned that your friends won’t be your biggest cheerleaders. 
7. Went to Las Vegas for the first time. 
8. Started giving branding & marketing workshops. 
9. Climbed to the top of a lighthouse with my son. 
10. Saw Jay-Z 4:44 show twice, in Las Vegas and Brooklyn. 
11. Flew in a helicopter for the first time. 
12. Did an event with Hebru Brantley. 
13. Cried when I found out I was having a daughter. 
14. Helped The Gathering Spot double top line revenue in our 2nd year of operation. 
15. Went to Art Basel. 
16. Attended my sister’s wedding in NYC. 
17. Ate lunch on Chicago’s Lake front with my wife, son and newborn daughter. 
18. Lost my Beats by Dre. headphones. 
19. Celebrated my birthday with a Champagne Party and received one of the best birthday cakes I’ve ever seen. 
20. Bought a tailored suit. 
21. Painted a piece of artwork for my home office. 
22. Got peed on by my daughter. 
23. Attended Kasim Reed’s final Mayor’s Masked Ball. 
24. Helped fry some chicken and cooked a late night meal for Gabrielle Union. 
25. Became cool with T.I. 
26. Created some personal stationary. 
27. Flew on private jets. 
28. Recorded a few podcasts. 
29. Built my wife a golden gratitude tree with personal notes about all the reasons I’m thankful for her. 
30. Pitched a strategic alignment with Porsche. 
31. Sold my house. 
32. Built two benches and a kitchen table from scratch. 
33. Cut my cable off. 
34. Went to SxSW 
35. Helped build the plan to expand The Gathering Spot into new cities across the country. 
36. Lost multiple games of Uno to my son. 
37. Sat down at a table with my father and mother for the first time ever.