The Death Throes of Democracy: Murdered By Millennials.

There was once a time when young people marched and protested to argue for change. They wanted to see something better, more meaningful. A system that reflected the will of the people, and a government that represented the people.

It seems to me now that young people have gotten too comfortable, too complacent, or too gullible. They’re now protesting things which simply do not need to be protested, or, more recently they have been protesting to keep things exactly how they are. In doing so they have been protesting against the idea of democracy its self. Am I the only one who finds this worrying?

Welcome to generation sore loser. I’m terrified that we will be the generation that gives up on the principles that have kept us free. Have my generation really become that oblivious as to what the consequences of their actions could be?

There are real problems going on in the world that people should be marching in the streets to protest. The bombing of innocent civilians in war zones across the world could potentially be one, and the mass surveillance of civilians by the government could be another. These are just the first two that popped to mind, but the list could go on and on. How about the limitations put on our freedom of expression? I wonder if many of these people have even bothered to look at the disgraceful document that is the 1998 Human Rights Act?

Part of me just wants to grab and shake every single person out there marching in this anti-brexit march today and scream, “you’re protesting against democracy!” And follow up that statement with, “you stupid morons, it’s people like you who are going to walk us straight into a country that is governed by an unresponsive, tyrannical dictatorship.”

If you’re a person who was out protesting today, just take a moment to consider your actions. Effectively what you’re telling the government is that you don’t mind them using their powers to override the will of the people as demonstrated by a democratic process. Do you understand the dangerous precedence this sets?

I understand you may be upset that we’re leaving the EU. You have every right to be. But try to understand that that’s how democracy works. You don’t always get your own way.

Now is the time for you to decide what do you want the country to look like following Brexit, and fight for that. I’m sure I’ll have disagreements with every single person reading this about what the UK should look like, but guess what, I won’t completely get my way, and I hope others don’t completely get their way. We have to find a common ground and work towards the best possible outcome.

Now stop your moaning, keep calm, and carry on!