February 26, 2017: The Henry Viscardi School

Brandon Wolfbiss, we miss you so much. Over this past month I have been constantly thinking of ways to continue to honor your beautiful life. Though I am not sure I can quite do justice to the type of impact you’ve had on so many people’s lives, here’s what I have come up with so far…

One of the best parts of being your twin sister was the constant exposure to everyday, “ordinary” heroes who CHOOSE to selflessly devote their lives to empowering individuals with “different” abilities to make their lives the very best it can be.

Each month I will seek to learn about organizations that share in the mission of these “ordinary” heroes. On the 26th I will look to teach others about one of these organizations via a social media post and volunteer my time or make a donation to the organization in your honor.

Today I made a donation to the “school that love built” and the school you attended from ages 2 to 21, The Henry Viscardi School. Though thousands of dollars have already been raised in your memory thanks to the generous donations from our amazing friends and family, I too, wanted to do my part to ensure the amazing students at this school continue to get access to state-of-the-art technology and programs like you did.

Located on Long Island, NY, the Henry Viscardi School is truly one of a kind in offering an accessible and supportive educational setting for students with severe physical disabilities. From the nurses, to teachers, to the staff, some of B’s happiest days were spent in these halls and for that, our family will always be grateful.


* As I have received a number of questions, to make a donation click the link below and under “Direct My Gift To” you can select “Henry Viscardi School”: