July 26, 2017: MLT Foundation + St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital

6 months.

I found this picture while moving out of my NYC apartment today and it truly captures one thing I’ve missed most over these past 6 months: the quality twin time I got to spend with Brandon alongside our childhood best friends.

Not only did we spend this time with friends growing up, but the last time I actually saw Brandon was a few days before he passed away while volunteering with our friends at the St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital, as we did together each month with the MLT Foundation in honor of our childhood friend, Mikaela.

The MLT Foundation was started 4 years ago after Mikaela unexpectedly passed away at 24 years old. Mikaela was studying to be an occupational therapist (OT) as she wanted to make an impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities, like Brandon. She even shadowed Brandon’s OT Todd while she was in school.

Over the last 4 years Mikaela’s family and closest friends (a.k.a #teamKael) have partnered with St. Mary’s to honor our Mikaela’s legacy. Whether dancing or doing art projects with St Mary’s Kids, this is one thing I’ll miss most about being in NYC.

Team Kaels & St. Mary’s Kids
Brandon & Douglas

This month I’ll be making 2 donations in memory of both Brandon and Mikaela to the MLT Foundation and to St. Mary’s.

I smile when I think about B and Kaels together, and I know they will both be smiling back this weekend as our very special best friend Kelly Klein marries her soulmate on Saturday, and in one month from today as our other very special best friend Lindsey Cohen marries her’s. We will continue to celebrate all the good, just as B + Kaels would want us to.

Brandon, Kelly & Amy at St. Mary’s
Me, Amy, Brandon & Lindsey @ St. Mary’s

Click the link below to learn more about the MLT Foundation:


And this link to learn about St. Mary’s Kids:


As always, please feel free to message me if you have any questions or want to get involved!