June 26, 2017: The Stephanie Becker Fund

5 months.

Each month since my twin brother Brandon passed away I have been doing my small part to raise awareness about different non-profit organizations on the 26th of each month and honor my special twin’s legacy. This month I will be making a donation to The Stephanie Becker Fund as a tribute to the marriage this past weekend of my big, Jackie Bolno, & her husband, as well as Stephanie’s brother, Mike Becker.

Mike and his family started SBF in Steph’s memory with a mission to:

1) Promote parity between mental and physical health
2) Promote emotional wellness with a focus on the workplace
3) Eradicate the stigma associated with emotional health issues and their treatment.

Mental health is a topic that all too often goes unspoken, and its amazing to see the impact the SBF has had including creating a $150,000 endowment at the University of Pennsylvania to support Penn’s student leaders in mental health.

This past weekend at Jackie & Mike’s wedding, Steph was certainly missed by those who loved her most, and though bittersweet, it was so powerful to see Jackie, Mike, their families and friends come together to celebrate and truly appreciate this incredibly special milestone that much more.

Click here to learn more about SBF:

And the link below to make a donation. Be sure to select “Donate to a fund,” specify “Stephanie Becker Fund” and please include your email address: