October 26, 2017: Business as a force for good

9 months.

A bench located at the Henry Viscardi School in memory of Brandon from Team Brandon ❤

My sister, Hollie, and I were speaking this week that we truly don’t know how we’ve survived these past 9 months without our Brandon. Time has gone slow and fast at the same time. It has been a year of many difficult “firsts” we have made it through… yet we know some of the more difficult firsts are still ahead — namely, Thanksgiving, Brandon’s all-time favorite day of the year which we have always celebrated by watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade; mine and Brandon’s 28th birthday on December 26th; and January 26th, which will mark 1 year without B.

Some of you (besides my Mom and sister) may have noticed, that last month I took a month off from posting. Amidst a big move with my incredibly supportive partner, Andrew, to Ann Arbor, Michigan for our MBA at Ross, I recognized the sometimes bittersweet numbness that comes with busyness and having little time for yourself. (I’m sure my fellow classmates can relate). The competing demands of class, recruiting, clubs, etc. have been exciting, yet a significant (and admittedly sometimes welcome) change of pace and distraction from our pre-business school lives.

Through my education thus far at Ross I have learned a tremendous amount about business in a formal sense through my classes, but informally through conversations with my classmates as well. Over these past two months I have started to look at the world of business through a different lens. While I have previously thought of for-profit organizations in a more traditional sense, a means to provide shareholder value and with $$$ as the end goal, what I have come to recognize and appreciate, is that business can also serve as a real force for good and a means of social impact.

This month I am dedicating my monthly post to recognize three for-profit organizations — JetBlue, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Anthropologie —which have invested in the success of the very same non-profit organizations I’ve profiled in my prior posts: The Henry Viscardi School and Emily’s Entourage.


If you have flown JetBlue this month, you may have seen an awesome video featuring the students of the Henry Viscardi School (HVS), the school Brandon attended from ages 2 through 21 years old. [JetBlue was actually our family’s go-to airline for our annual trips to Florida as they were the first airline to offer in-flight entertainment on their personal TVs at each seat, which Brandon loved!] For the past 4 years, JetBlue has partnered with HVS in an effort to enhance passenger accessibility.

I welcome you to learn more about this fabulous partnership here:


Dunkin’ Donuts

Another corporate supporter of HVS has been Dunkin’ Donuts. This past Wednesday was an amazing day in which Dunkin’ brought over 70 employees to the school to work hand-in-hand with students to each make 6 custom donuts to bring home to their families. It was a ton of fun and represents another truly awesome relationship HVS has built.

This video features last year’s inaugural programming beginning at minute 4:28:



The last organization I am thrilled to highlight is Anthropologie. Over the past month Anthropologie has hosted silent auctions for their fall displays to benefit Emily’s Entourage, an organization I featured in my August post that is leveraging community to fight cystic fibrosis.

Of course, this is just a sampling of 3 companies that are moving the needle in their social impact. If you have any other great examples, please feel free to share them with me by sending me a message or commenting below!