DNC Shatters The Illusion Of American Democracy In Order To Keep People’s 27 Bucks
Caitlin Johnstone

You are exactly the problem and playing right into the small hands of trump and Putin. It’s amazing how an under qualified old white dude who’s never done anything in congress for 25 years can enter into the DNC primaries, intellectually lie about the DNC being rigged and super delegates when he is one, and expect to be given the nomination because of “polling” if millions of minority southern voters are discounted, run a straight up personal propaganda attack campaign for months after he was mathematically eliminated after the New York primaries, do nothing to curb his fanboys’ atrocious behaviors which were on par with trump’s alt-right racists, and now he commands an army of unquestioning acolytes who continue to split the party.

The fact that Obama was president after beating Clinton in 2008 not by vote totals, but by delegate count totally destroys your small, parsing gripe. Though the DNC can choose the candidate they haven’t for decades, and never would, go against the wishes of the majority of their voters or rules of the party — did Hillary complain or throw 3-month long anti-DNC tantrum and had to be told not to ruin the National Convention by the sitting president?

The comments here read like a group of paid Macedonian teenagers having a contest to out-troll democratic voters on Facebook. It’s like Sanders fed you guys Mountain Dew before bedtime and now you won’t STFU. You Bernie-or-bust types are fucking ridiculous and don’t even listen to Sanders himself when he says the primaries weren’t rigged, but you perfectly reflect the way he campaigned, cutting off his nose to spite all our faces. No, you’re not upset about the elections being interfered with, the rollback on environmental protections, the theft of a SCOTUS seat, corporate giveaways, derailing of prison and police reforms, increases in useless military spending, nor voting reform including the goal of reducing corporate and cash influence and the fact that a racist upside-down-Candy Corn is the president, but you’re still rehashing the primaries and some imagined slight to Sanders that’s not even true? You willingly gave your $27 to a candidate who lost by literally millions of votes, but now that you didn’t get your way you want your money back? Get your entitled millennial asses out of here.

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