It matters when you’re making something, be it a fine piece of writing, art, music, video, or any sort of meaningful media. At least when you have an intentional message, however vague, which you wish to convey. That’s why I worry so much about it.

When considering what you would like to share with people such as yourself — hello! — it would seem that we’re too often faced with a mere blank canvass of intimidation. As if the fear of judgement wasn’t enough.

‘Will they care? Why would they? Would they even finish it if I tried?’

If I were to continue letting myself be burdened by such thoughts, they wouldn’t even be down on this page. Whether that’s for the better or not is for you to decide.

Nonetheless I write today my first real to-be-published piece, and as you can see, we are already (I must admit quite ironically) starting to descend into my usual rambling digressive rolling stream of thoughts. For your endurance alone I congratulate you for even making it this far. Now we must go somewhere.

What is it that makes someone write?

I can’t pretend to have all the answers, or even any at all. However what I can offer ye is an opinion — that perhaps this peculiar drive to write stems from a feeling we all share, a desire to express.

We all want to be heard.

That was bold. ‘Assertive’ if I do recall my old English lessons correctly.

NB: Now I must go back and make that statement bold for the sake of the unintentional lousy joke I seem to have so poorly stumbled upon. There we go.

Whilst it may be hyperbole to say we all want to be heard, I would certainly expect it to be the case. And to clarify, by ‘heard’, I mean given the ability to both have and use what we have to express ourselves in the truest way we wish to.

Whether it is through the prescribed work of past souls, who’ve created such art as scripts and written sheet music (and the like), or through the even more fulfilling self-created expression, with one’s own words, music, sounds and visual creations (and so forth).

Once the media — whatever it may be — is performed or otherwise presented, it is through the approval of other beings which seems to provide the most fulfilling payoff so to speak.

What stops us from all engaging in these amazing activities, procrastination and the like, is a pity and a topic for another day, probably already covered by many another writer, more experienced than your humble amateur beginner author here today. Nonetheless I feel that the very basics, such as the fact that these activities make us feel the way they do, need to be written down in some form or another, regardless of whether it has been covered before. For interpretation and reiteration — alongside innovation and originality of course — seems to be amongst some of the key fundamental sources of progress in general. For some interpretations may resonate or more effectively convey the themes of past media in ways that the original work never could have. And as such I guess that’s partly why I am writing this here today. Even if we are going nowhere. And I am mostly just writing for the sake of writing, to express I guess. If that makes sense. It’s nice to relate nonetheless. I guess that’s where the pleasure of consuming such media comes from.

Anyhow I’m off to watch some Netflix, like I shouldn’t before bed.

Goodnight, fellow person — Have an excellent evening and/or day!

And as always — sorry for the wall of text :p

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