Enjoy the first flush Darjeeling Tea

It is often said that Darjeeling tea is an addiction, once tasted creates an urge to taste for the second time. A good flavored Darjeeling tea has the power to lure even a non tea drinker. Its flavor and taste are worth trying. It’s the aroma, flavor, and dark bitter taste makes the beverage so popular but when over-brewed adds something more to it that makes it more luring to taste. The flavor and taste speak about quality which makes the tea lover willingly spend a lot of bucks to buy Darjeeling first flush tea online. The price of this beverage also depends on the size of the tea leaves.

The different flushes of Darjeeling Tea

Tea produced from the same plantation can have different taste. This happens because of the time of plantation. This periodic harvesting of the plantation is known as flushes. The perfect time of harvesting the first flushes of Darjeeling is immediately after the winter. These leaves are fresh and have a soothing mountain air flavor which if brewed will give a light colored morning cup of drink. From the matured plants comes the second flush which has a wine like a flavor. And the second flush, if brewed, will prepare a dark golden shade drink.

What is the perfect time to purchase the first flush?

Well, it is one of the common questions that are being asked to the tea experts. Though the question sounds easy but the answer is yet complicated and lengthy. The best time for the first flush is during the month of February, considered all the factors remaining favorable will yield a good quality of product at the time of peak season. Only a few lucky tea lovers get the opportunity to have a sip of the first flush between the period of February till the mid of April. The manufacturers and vendors have a great role to play in determining the quality of the first flush. The vendors often try to take the stock during mid-April as the prices are low during this time. Only handful of lucky tea lovers gets the chance to purchase Darjeeling first flush tea.
It completely depends on the tea vendors to decide the quality of the first flush as they decide the amount to be released in the market for purchase.

Hence, a person is really lucky to get the first flush organic tea available in the market to be purchased. Though one can drink it any time of the year as per their wish but it should be purchased within the limited time period to get the best quality of the first flush. If the beverage is bought in a bulk then, the tea lover can get it at low prices and also can enjoy it for the complete year. A unique way of getting the stock of the first flush is to register with a renowned seller and get the list of the discounted offers with timely alerts. Through this alert facility, one can get the information about the new arrivals of this organic beverage with discounted offer packages.