What is attractive?!

In these modern times it seems like everyone is obsessed by physical appearance. Either it’s related to embracing obesity, anorexia or a healthy body. But no one is actually discussing about functionality. Functionality is an important aspect of life. Without a functional mind or body you cannot perform well.

I posted this description on instagram to one of my pictures : “Your body will become healthy and strong once you uncling to appearance, to shape and form. Form is an illusion, unclinging to form means breaking through one of the 5 skandas, this is the one related to the space element. Once this happens your body will rest, be at ease and empty like space and form. Your body will develop naturally and become beautiful and strong when you focus on gaining agility, primordial power and strength, in order to achieve a higher purpose. To be an example for others, to motivate, to teach and so on. The purpose must always be founded on virtue”.

I was surprised to get the following answer :

“I absolutely agree! smile emoticon A healthy posture and vitality in the eyes are always very attractive. Once you get these, a 6/8 pack comes simply as a side effect”.

This is the result of deep clinging to appearance. Society has thought us all, men and women that if our bodies are not desirable, we are not good enough.

Clinging to physical appearance will get you stuck on the long turn.

If you focus long and hard enough you will get a perfect shape or form, but in order for you to keep it you have to invest all your energy.

On the long term it will maybe bring you some outcomes and admiration. Because it may attract some wordly karma, but because your goal lacks true function and purpose it will become stuck in the moment and not evolve past this. Your goal may influence and motivate others, but the motivation itself being based on deep clinging to appearance is nonfunctional in the end, it just creates a culture obsessed with self and form. The bodies as a whole will never be truly functional or vigorous.

You can eat and train like you are preparing for the cosmic battle of the century, but you will never win it with looks.

Your mind will slowly began to degenerate, because your purpose being the attainment of form, lacks essence. Being always stuck in a never ending circle of maintaining your weight and form, on measuring, calculating and visualizing your self worth in a mirror.

I’m going to talk about it from a man’s point of view, we all know women have it bad also. But when it comes to men, no one really talks about their struggle.

Society is dysfunctional and fails to promote what should be the true display of power and manhood. Functionality and virtue. True power, primordial manly power, that has the ability to lift a log and build a house. No one cares that you can lift a 100 weight to your chest. Can you help someone? Have you thought about not eating meat because it spears a being life? That is manhood, compassion, warm heart and power. The power of awareness, being able to care about the ones around you while still being a man. Being able to rest and work, be functional and joyous.

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