Scott Garrett is the Right Choice

By Taylor Budowich, Executive Director

The Tea Party movement has long been critical of the Export Import Bank for its role in funneling taxpayer dollars to primarily benefit large corporations — the embodiment of crony capitalism. So while our preference is to see an orderly end to this agency, we understand and appreciate President Donald Trump’s thoughtful approach by appointing a highly qualified skeptic in former Congressman Scott Garrett. We share in his goal to strengthen the opportunities for American business to increase their exports around the globe.

Scott Garrett was a founding member of the House Freedom Caucus and worked with Congressional Republicans to successfully engineer a plan that ended the Bank’s funding in 2015. We trust that Scott Garrett will remain an honest and responsible steward of taxpayer dollars and infuse the Export Import Bank with needed skepticism and review.

Tea Party Express supports this nomination and encourages the United States Senate to confirm his appointment.