How to list a private sale on Opensea

3 min readAug 28, 2021

In this guide, I am going to show you how to make a private sale on Opensea. Why would you want to do this you may ask? Well, you might want to sell an NFT to your friend at a discount and not have someone snipe it on the open market, but there are also other benefits to this. Did you know that if you make a private sale on Opensea you don’t have to pay the fees, which can in some cases amount up to 12.5% (10% for the artist and 2.5% for Opensea).

This means if you are selling and NFT for 10Eth, you may only actually receive 8.85Eth. Now, I am not overly keen on the artists missing out on their secondary cut because I do think they deserve the follow-on fees but I don’t mind Opensea missing out.

Unfortunately, many people don’t do this because they don’t know how, but it’s really simple and I’m going to show you how in a few easy steps.

Step1: Head over to your profile in Opensea and click on the NFT you want to sell.

NFT on Opensea

Step 2: Click Sell in the top right-hand corner. If your NFT is already up for sale you will have to delist before initiating a private sale:

Sell button on Opensea

Step 3: Select Set Price as your sell method. Enter the Price you wish to sell for, and finally, check the Privacy toggle and enter the address of the buyer.

Selling screen on Opensea

Step 4: Double-check the details and click Post your listing

Post your listing

Step 5: You will now see 2 popups, one from Opensea informing you of the process of listing, and one from Metamask asking you to sign a transaction to confirm the listing (this should be free).

Check the transaction in Metamask and click Sign

Opensea listing process

Step 6: That is all there is to do. Your buyer can now visit the item on Opensea and they will see the following message at the top of their screen.

Buyers screen.

Note: As of 6th September 2021 Opensea has now started applying charges to private sales too. This includes Opensea’s cut and the Artist commission.

Thanks Matthew Fiorello for the heads up




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