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The main problem with this article is the fact that there have been Jews in this Land long before Arabs arrived from Saudi Arabia when they attacked and conquered the Land. The majority of so-called Palestinians — which they never called themselves until the 1960s — came from surrounding areas. They always referred to this Land as Southern Syria. It is the Jews who are the true indigenous inhabitants of this Land. This is Eretz Yisrael. Evan a large proportion of the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria are descended from Jews who had been forcibly converted to Islam when it was invaded in the 7th century. Everywhere ones goes throughout the Land one sees evidence of a Jewish presence (Jews — those that originated in Judea). More and more archaeological evidence is discovered which attests to that fact. The ‘indigenous Palestinians’ is a myth, a weapon being used against the Jewish people whose right to this Land is supported by history and law. No amount of rewriting of history will change that. But that isn’t to say that the Arab inhabitants don’t have rights. But the don’t have the ‘right’ to attack us every chance they get. They have the right to live in peace as we do. They have the right to autonomy within their own jurisdictions. And the Jews have the right to live wherever we want within our ancient Homeland.

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