My Good Teachers

We all have at some point in our life encountered good teachers. I remember them how they make the classroom alive, how they influence students, how they guide like a mother and so on. But there’s one characteristic that generally describes my good teachers, they are CARING teachers. The moment they enter the classroom, open their mouth, and talk , students will then have idea on what will be the entire semester/ school year would look like. Good teachers show us on what will be our journey together would be that will make you feel excited for our next meetings. The good teachers listen and give us opportunity to speak about our expectations, our feelings making it an open environment for communicating our ideas freely and giving us ownership on our own learning.

Well, that is my reflection on my good teachers but on the last assignment what I wrote is that one of my good teacher is my old me, my experiences. It taught me a lot in life, not just in academics or new knowledge but most importantly, life skills. I have learned to conquer my fears and be confident that I can do this. I have learn to rise in every failure I faced, because with failure, you learn. I have learn that these experiences made me who I am today made me realize that I can do everything and be who I wanted to be if you have the grit, focused vision and the right attitude.

As a professional teacher, I stand and believe that good teachers are caring teachers. They express unconditional love and genuine concern to their students. This relationship could last a lifetime as good teachers will be remembered not by the X’s and Y’s they solved, the definitions of this and that, the evolutions and histories they taught BUT how they made the students feel.

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