Which Google Analytics Goals Should You Set Up?

Setting up goals in Google Analytics is a daunting task for many but with some forethought, you can use goals to gain great insights into your site’s performance.

I always love chatting to experts about Google Analytics and data and one of my regular go-to guru’s is Thomas Bosilevac over at MashMetrics. Our regular talks usually end up with us sharing some ideas and learning from each other and so I wanted to share some ideas from our last discussion with you all.

Thomas was kind enough to share his thoughts in detail over on his site here:

How to use Goals within Google Analytics

It really all boils down to this:

Use Google Analytics Goals To Truly Understand Your Audience

Vanity Metrics suck! I’ll quote Thomas below:

Why setup Goals? Goals allow you to see what % of users perform certain activities within their session. This may seem like gibberish but it makes those vanity “out of the box” metrics actually mean something.

See, vanity metrics suck but once you set up goals in Google Analytics, you’ll actually learn what works, and what needs improvement.

Please head over to MashMetrics and read the whole thing.

Oh, and take a glance at the video below too.