Make it as a DJ

A lot of kids nowadays having the dream of being a world class DJ.

But how to get there as a DJ like Hardwell, Afrojack, Avicii.

Obviously the first thing you got to have is that you’re passionate about this job. You need to get rid of some things in your life to put all your time in your career. I don’t encourage you to lock yourself into a room always, because people needs to be social in life to get a good mental health. And you need to interact with all kinds of people to understand people.

The best tips I can give you today.

1. You need to have a computer, I prefer a Mac.

This is the system where you produce your music.

2. Get good headphones. Special for Producers DJ’s

I prefer the SennHeiser HD-25–1 II. It is a great headphone for detailed sound monitoring.

3. learn a Digital Audio Workstation Software

I prefer Ableton Live 9 for beginners. Because it’s easy to learn. And you can get creative very fast. But Logic is also very good.

4. Recreate existing tracks to learn how they put a track together.

You gotta be like the pro’s. So remake those tracks. And try to make it spot on.

5. Find the big music labels employees and their emails.

When you are good in producing and have a couple of original tracks produced ready for release. Find the employees on big record companies. And search for the people that matter. Don’t send your demos to a demo@ mail address because they get 1000 emails a day on it. And they won’t listen to them all. You need to research the company’s employees. Nowadays you can get a lot of information via social media.

If you get bad critics, pick yourself up, and keep trying. Do not quit! Whatever anybody saying to you. You are the boss. You decide if you going to the top!