Early bird

My mum has to be early for everything, literally.

An Aunt once told me it’s been that way since they were little; as we spoke about how early she was ready to leave and take my sister to a party. We exchanged stories on how early she had us at school, events, meetings, interviews etc. My mum would trick me, telling me it’s 8:30, to get me up and out before i realised… After a while I caught on, plus my Nokia 3310 would tell me she’s up to her early tricks.

I can’t remember ever being late as a child, especially if it was my mum taking me; always the first to arrive. Growing older and arriving early to parties etc. I would get her to drive around a few times, as if driving in a circle would make me fashionably late; I would still end up walking through the doors early.

I don’t know why I hated being early, why wouldn’t I want people to know I’m eager to see them, or excited for their event? Now I am completely the opposite. I have to set my clock a little behind to make sure I’m on time or a little early because no matter what I am always late. Always finding something extra to do before i leave. But what I have learnt is it really is always better to be early than late; even if I am always late.