Today I was approached by a man telling me I’m interesting looking, he proceeded to ask me where I’m from, where my parents are from and where my grandparents are from until he got the answer. It made me think just how many times this scene has played in my lifetime.

“You’re interesting looking, so i had to talk to you.”

A phrase that I’m assuming I’m supposed to take as a compliment? The conversation is continued (because I’m either in a queue, a train platform, or they decide to walking in my direction) by asking me where I’m from.

Now see when I don’t answer to their satisfaction, they ask where my parents are from… Some at this point will start guessing a multitude of places, it’s painfully dull and i can’t get a word in as they guess. At this point they must think I’m stupid, because they’re about to try spoon feed me the question. Why aren’t I just answering the question right? I mean, I know what they’re asking, but my petty ass is not going to be giving them no answer when they can’t ask a simple question even though they know it has nothing to do with them.

Depending on the type of person they are, they’ll ask me “what your race, heritage, roots, ethnicity, what gives you that exotic look, where’s your colour from, how do you explain your eyes, etc…

Finally they get the answer they’ve been pestering for and they’re either disappointed i’m not mixed with an East Asian and proceed to tell me that down the line i must be, or they want to know if i can dance; i’m pretty good at the robot?

It’s a scene i’ve had to needlessly rehearse for years, and whilst there has never been a consistent actor; they’ve all known their lines.