Yesterday and today, expansion has been happening so quickly both on a personal level and on an interpersonal level that you can literally watch the change take place before your eyes. I had a long conversation with Justin Olaguer (our director of public relations) about the company that I created called Teal Eye LLC. He expressed his thoughts about how to move forward with the company and together, we came up with a new game plan. Teal Eye is designed to be a company aimed at positive world change.

Essentially, my idea was to build a fusion company where part of the company was entirely aimed at profit and the other was entirely non-profit. The for profit side, would function like an investment company, but an investment company that only invests in ideas that are designed to positively impact the world. So, let’s say that someone had a great idea for a new app that would help non–profits organize their volunteers around the world, or let’s say that someone had a good idea about how to get healthy food into schools, Teal Eye would invest in their company or idea and like any investment company, take a small percentage of the profit. But here’s what set Teal Eye apart… In order to side step the corruption that is so prevalent in big business, the company would not employ anyone. Meaning that no one working for Teal Eye would get paid through the profit of Teal Eye, not even the executives or myself as the owner. The only way that anyone could make money is if we too came up with an idea for the company to invest in. We would make our money off of that singular idea, and the investment profit would go to Teal Eye. Here is the reason… Greed causes people to make decisions that are in alignment with profit but not necessarily in alignment with what is good for our world. We have seen this in today’s world, which is owned by big business. Corporations now dictate what our governments do and don’t do. And many of the wealthiest businesses in the world, profit off of the loss of human, animal and plant life. They profit off of suffering. If we were all being paid from the profit, we would have mixed motivations for what we invest in. The temptation to make money would be greater than the temptation to stay in alignment with what Teal Eye was created for. So do the math here for a second, if no one was being paid out of the profit of Teal Eye, the passive income would do nothing but build up and be turned into another investment and build up and be turned into another investment and so on and so forth until it became one of the wealthiest companies in the world. But not just a company, it would become like its own entity. An unstoppable monolith that would come up against the corrupt multi billion dollar industries and not only compete with them, but replace them. The non-profit arm of Teal Eye, would accept donations and also be funded by Teal Eye’s for profit arm. But the money feeding into that side would fund ideas and things that return no profit but that still benefit our world such as building community centers for inner city youth or cleaning up oil spills or offering scholarship programs. Now, I realize that I could talk about this plan for hours and all the minute details of executing this plan, but that can happen on another day. For today, I want to explain what has changed.

Starting a company is a majorly steep learning curve. Since the creation of the company, we have made major headway. But businesses work the same way that life does; inevitably the time comes when changes need to be made to the plan. This is that time. Our plan has changed. To begin with, my idea for Teal Eye was that I would be supported by alternative financial sources that are entirely un-related to the company itself. In the beginning, this alternative financial support was coming from my husband. And my idea was that all of the profit from my workshops etc. would go into the Teal Eye account and build up to the point where it could make it’s first investment and then second investment and so on and so forth until the money coming into Teal Eye was substantial enough that I could begin to make the profit from the things that I am doing (paintings, books and workshops) and the company could make it’s profit off of it’s investments. So, I began with this plan. Every cent that I made went into the company account and was then invested so it could create a passive cash flow.

But then, life happened. I got a divorce. I am now a single mother. And I have no alternative source of financial support. And as this business grew, it became apparent that I have people that I need to employ in order to make the business expand. So here we are at a crossroads. Given the changes that took place, my original business plan now called for massive self-sacrifice on my part. As anyone who lives with me will tell you, it is difficult to make a lot of money for your company, while at the same time being unable to afford a water heater for yourself when it breaks (like it did this week). It becomes tempting to “dip into” the funds from Teal Eye. And thus, fall into the trap of corruption that is so prevalent in the corporate businesses that rule our world today. So, we had to come up with a new plan. One that could allow for the same basic investment business plan that I came up with, but that would not require self sacrifice and would allow this business to expand. I was feeling super frustrated and stuck, but then I found out something that completely changed everything… Non-profit companies can invest and make profit. The only caveat is that the investment returns can’t go to directors or officers. Instead, that money has to be re invested in the company or the company’s socially beneficial programs. Which was my plan to begin with. So without much further ado, here is the new plan.

I have started a non-profit called Headway Foundation. The business plan, which was going to be for Teal Eye LLC, is now the business plan for Headway (both the for-profit enterprises and the non-profit enterprises). The money going to and from Headway will be completely transparent. Meaning that as soon as we get it all up and running, you will be able to log in somewhere on the internet and be able to see every cent that is earned and spent through the company. This transparency is a corruption prevention step. And this non-profit will be the place where people can make donations and volunteer to be a part of the team. And the best part is, as a non-profit, the company will be tax exempt. Imagine a world where a corporate for profit business could not compete with a non-profit… hahahaha. And, this company will have a new logo, which will help people to stop freaking out about the Teal Eye Logo looking so much like the illuminati eye.

Being a single mother now, I have to support myself. I’m now responsible for achieving all of the financial goals that I have personally for myself. And I also have people dependent on me for employment. So, Teal Eye will become my private company, which like any company can and will donate to Headway Foundation. I will be making the profit off of the books I write, art I create and workshops that I do so that I can continue doing this work in the world (unless publically stated otherwise). Justin brought it to my attention that the only way that Headway is going to take off, is if I (the founder) am not stressed out financially and therefore can prioritize my goals with headway out of the pure passion that I have for the endeavor. He’s right. And now that the money from the two companies is not co mingled (my profit and other people’s salaries commingled with the investment return and donation money), the potential for corruption is much, much smaller. In the future, I will be doing a video on the new, amended plan. And so, I embark into this new phase of my life and my business endeavors. This decision was the missing puzzle piece so to speak.

I chose to come into life on June 16th, the day of capital investment. And to be sure, it has made an imprint on me. I may not be able to do math worth a damn, but I have a brilliant mind for finance. I’m not opposed to a world that operates without money. I’ll admit as readily as the next person that money and corruption have been consistent bedfellows throughout history. But I also recognize that money does not create the corruption. Thoughts create the corruption. Money is just a tool that is used to carry out that corruption, or that good (whatever the case may be). Blaming money for what has gone wrong in the world is like blaming an axe for the murder of a child by a serial killer. We don’t know what to do to solve the mental corruption that leads to financial corruption, so we are content to blame the tool. In reality, we are killing each other for slips of paper and imaginary numbers typed into a computer. We are killing each other for a sense of personal freedom. But raise people who believe in abundance and whose sense of personal freedom is unshakable, and greed does not occur. Fear of scarcity does not occur. Financial corruption does not occur. Then, it does not matter what we use as a tool of trade, money or otherwise.

Children, who are inducted into cults or taken by psychopaths, are more often than not programmed through torture to “perpetrator bond”. One of the most common accouterments of this programming is to implant what is called a no self-care program (or many). For example, they will hook you up to electrodes and take you into a room with a washer and dryer and ask you what the machine is. Then they will tell you to walk towards it. As you go to walk towards it, they will shock you. They will continue to tell you to engage with the washer and dryer (open it’s lid, turn the buttons etc.) and continue to shock you until they see a withdrawal response. That is, until they see a blatant hesitation to engage with the object and then they will ask what it means. The child gives an answer like “washer and dryers are a no no” and then, the session is ended. The perpetrator then provides affection, which causes the brain to bond to them as a source of safety. The brain associates the perpetrator with the relief of the pain (much like it would with a familiar blankie or stuffed toy) instead of associating them with the pain that they have caused. But the programming creates a neuropathway that is so strong that whenever the child or later adult approaches a washer and dryer, the body responds in a psychosomatic way, which causes their body to feel as if they are being electroshocked. I had this particular program performed on me. I still haven’t ever done laundry in a washer dryer. I do it by hand in my bathroom sink and hang it out to dry. The three times that I have tried to wash my clothes in a washing machine, I get a far as opening the door and I loose consciousness and fall into what is called a dissociative pseudo seizure.

The idea behind the no self-care programming is that you can bond a person to a perpetrator (they call themselves keepers) permanently if you program them to not be able to take care of themselves. That way all of the necessary ingredients of survival come through the venue of that perpetrator. I was programmed against being able to pay money across counters at stores. After I got away, if I was at a store alone, I’d have to give the money to a random stranger and ask them to pay for me. I was programmed many times in various ways to not be able to take care of myself financially. If I made any money as a child or teen, I had to give him all of that money and he would then dole out that money to me when he saw fit, usually as a reward for doing something right. This was aside from the fact that he was making money by prostituting me. So regardless of how good I am at making money and understanding financial strategy, for years I operated under the belief that I was not allowed or able (due to the programming) to get money from anywhere other than from a “keeper”. When I got away, a boyfriend or husband easily took the place of a keeper. But I have been operating that way for years. And even though it is still a very real desire for me to experience being in a relationship with someone who is financially successful, I realize that I want to have that relationship from a space of knowing that I do not need him to financially support me. This way, the relationship will be one that is forged in equanimity. So now I’m ready (even though it scares me) to venture out a bit and allow myself to financially provide for myself, knowing that this is the most important step to take towards my personal empowerment and sense of safety within the world. And that, in turn will enable me to lead this soon to be revolution without fear.