How to use Tin to quickly set up Apache APISIX in minutes

APISIX is an open source, high-performance, extensible microservices API gateway. Here we show you how to quickly install Apache APISIX with Tin in two minutes. It is a method that does not rely on downloads, regardless of the system version.

Tin is a product of TeamCode that can generate executable applications instantly without manual environment configuration. Users can click to run project directly in the cloud. Let’s take a look at how to use Tin set up Apache APISIX in minutes.

Login to Tin and clone the Apache APISIX

  1. Click the Tin URL of Apache APISIX.

Users who have not logged in should sign up first.

2. Log in to Tin with your email, Github account, or phone number.

3. (Optional) After logging in, you can change the “Application Name” or “Tag”。

4. Click “Clone” button to clone the Tin app to your workspace.

Note: Tin will give new users a free trial for a certain length of time, which is determined by the instance size. After the free trial time, the Tin app will automatically stop working. You will not be charged for the whole process

5. Click “RUN NOW” to initiate the application.

6. Click the “Endpoint List” button to go to the Endpoint list, with the entry points for all apps displayed. Click the URL of entry point.

Now you can log in to Apache APISIX to use it.

You can also use the Tin to quickly set up other open source projects, see the guide:

Try Tin| Pylon|Cloud-IDE

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