Are you being watched at work?

giphy: Jacqueline Jing Lin

When surveillance increases, low-wage workers and Black and brown communities suffer.

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“But…if I’m not doing anything wrong, why should I care? I have nothing to hide.”

Recently, a UPS driver, after being spotted on Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell, had the police called on him and an arrest warrant issued for retrieving a package a little earlier than expected.

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For Amazon’s warehouse workers, they’re aggressively tracked by wristbands that know exactly where they are at all times, how fast they’re working, and will even vibrate to move them in a different direction.

During the historic West Virginia Teachers Strike in 2018, state legislators proposed to update the public worker health plan to require teachers to download a Fitbit or another mobile fitness app or be penalized. It would track their steps, heart rate and other health metrics, coming with a $500 fine for those who refused or failed to earn enough health points from the app.

The Inequalities of Workplace Surveillance, The Nation



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