Workers are speaking out to protect their health

The spread of coronavirus has impacted numerous workplaces — and workers are speaking out, too.

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The virus has disrupted many workplaces around the world. Factories have been shut down impacting everything from the auto industry to fast food. Cathay Pacific Airways has asked employees to take unpaid leave due to…

Employees are using workplace organizing to encourage companies to address their impacts on the environment

Over the past few years, people have been organizing with coworkers to call on their employers to adhere to higher ethical standards. From Google engineers speaking out about the ethical implications of the company’s products and contracts to a Boeing employee who blew the whistle on safety concerns with the…

The impact of constant surveillance in the workplace

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When surveillance increases, low-wage workers and Black and brown communities suffer.

In today’s growing gig economy, workers have less rights and more restrictions. On top of that, companies are increasingly using technology to watch their workers’ every move, managing them by apps or even monitoring bathroom break. …

From Wayfair to Google, employees have recently organized workplace walkouts to call for changes at their companies — building on the long tradition of strikes and work stoppages.

Image Credit: Global Climate Strike,

In the latest iteration of this workplace tactic, workers are planning an action in solidarity with youth climate activists called the Global…

Lessons from Art + Museum Transparency

In May 2019, a group of art workers and museum workers initiated a crowd-sourced Google spreadsheet where thousands of industry professionals self-reported information about their salaries. Calling their group Art + Museum Transparency, they didn’t stop there.

A standing-room only crowd for an event organized by Art + Museum Transparency titled “Art and Labor: What’s Next After a Summer of Struggle?” in Philadelphia on August 29, 2019.

Later in the summer, they created a separate crowd-sourced spreadsheet to surface data…

Want to change something at your workplace? Start a campaign. Organize your coworkers. And win.

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