A Clear View for a Big Idea

A marketing strategy for a company and more specifically for its social media presence requires a full understanding off all components of the firm. “Having a clear view” is a key element in creating and implementing a successful marketing strategy. By analyzing both the micro and macro environment of the company and having an overview of the benefits and disadvantages of the internal and external areas of a company- a marketers has a better chance of creating a plan that will reach and attract the most amount of audience.

Our chosen to project is to create a social media platform and content strategy for Roo’Bar. To begin we figured that a content strategy, one that can lead to good results at least, requires a fundamental understadning of Roo’bar. To do this we have decided to begin with SWOT analysis. Swot Analysis is a layout of four areas on the company:


This is the company’s internal advantages. This is where departments and their strategies can be analyses. Areas such as the uniqeuness, the USP and why a customer choose the firm over a compeititor can also be included. Any business element that adds to the strengths of the product or service that the company provides is provided in this service.


This is the area contrasting the strengths. This is however, an essential in creating a strategic business plan or marketing strategy. Often, companies use third-party opinions or customer feedback to better analyze its weaknesses.


The market, the competitors, the chances and opportunities the company has are discussed in this area. This is an essential part of understanding the growth abilities for the company and to understand what can and can’t be done in its current market.


This area is most likely the most unpleasant to analyze but plays a large role in creating a plausible strategy. The category will include both internal and external threats to the success and capability to the company and will need to be dealt with in order to expand.

By having a clear overview of the workings of Roo’bar this will be used as our fundamental, base knowledge for creating a marketing and content strategy. This will help us with our next step, which is creating a persona. A persona is a “thumbnail description of a type of person.” This includes what type of customers Roo’bar is aiming for in terms on the way they shop, why they choose certain products, how and where they tend to shop (online, in store, etc.). A social media and content strategy is entirely based on the target audience the company is trying to attract and that will be based on the customer personas we create from the SWOT analysis. We will analyze the type of social media characteristics that are most prevalent in Roo’bar’s customer pool and what strategy such as paid, earned or owned is present at the company. Furthermore, we plan to create a RACE model to strategize which social media and content best engages their customers. “Reach, Act, Convert and Engage” is the best way to create and implement a “big idea.”

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