This blog post is dedicated to the challenges our team is facing, while working on our project (Creating a social media and content strategy for Roo’Bar). I’d like to tackle this in a way, a business student would most likely do this: analyze inner and outer threats.

The Environment (outer threats)

Our most severe problem is (as usual nowadays): TIME.

We’re a group of six people working on one report. The team is mixed, from international students who are on exchange to people who follow their whole studies here in the Netherlands. To actually sit down and divide work or maybe even to write some passages together (who actually does that?) happens seldomly. All of our schedules are pretty tight — some people are following up to seven classes at the same time — therefore scheduling meetings represents a challenge (not an excuse btw). Which is a pitty. Sometimes, We’d rather dedicate ourselves more into a specific project and actually spend time on it. Frequently we get the feeling, that we’re rushing from one thing to another. Eventually not delivering the result we’d be able to. However, we’d like to highlight again, that this should not be seen as an excuse for bad grades or something.

Another problem: the WEATHER.

It is finally getting sunny in A’dam. Spring is definitely the best time of the year. After six months of grayness, wind and rain, it is ultimately time for outside. Unfortunately, school sometimes lacks behind…

The Content (inner threats)

One challenge we could name, is the STRUCTURE.

Creating a content and social media strategy, for a company we weren’t really aware of before, turns out to be pretty intense. It surely is a lot of work and there’re many things to consider. Getting a good structure in the report is definitely a challenge. To tackle the problem step by step and to bring the several steps into order. We have many ideas and are working on several aspects at the same time and can hopefully present the bigger picture to the reader eventually.

However, overall it is fun to work on it and we surely learn something. As always, it is great to apply our knowledge directly, on real world cases. It would be great seeing Roo’Bar actually applying some of our recommendations.

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