Digital Marketing Micro-Environment

After having seen the introduction about what is digital marketing, let’s get deeper and try to explain what the micro-environment is. This is the background where the digital marketers are actively operating in order to be part of the management implications of online strategy marketing.

We know that is not easy to have control of the Internet due to the fact that the Internet is constantly changing. Therefore, each organization has fear of going backward instead of forward . That is why all companies have to be able to respond in an effective way to the changes that are happening in the trading environment. This new click ecosystem is known as the “Marketspace” and provides a solution to different companies to monitor the online world.

Because of that, companies are obliged to control different factors that affect directly to the marketspace.

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Let’s begin talking about the customers. Every company is looking for the biggest sales volume, which is why they try to elevate the actual customers as well as convert potential prospects into real customers. The need for a conversion marketing model is so necessary in order to achieve high efficiency in the strategic marketing plan.

For companies is really important to understand which their customers are. Nowadays, there are different types of client profiles that is why each company needs to put in the customer’s shoes to understand their , the type of customers they are or the social interaction models that are fond of.

Nevertheless, the access that digital marketers can reach is not the same in the whole world. Comparing the online trades between any African country and the United States, it is clear that the access to digital platforms varies drastically depending on the place we are. Furthermore, there has been an increase in the use of mobile phones for online platform connection. Thus, this new situation derives in new digital marketing opportunities for companies.

Competitors are the next factor that needs to be taken into consideration. An exhaustive analysis of what the competitors are doing and the implementation of the benchmarking techniques will be crucial for being able to overtake our competitor’s strategies and future activities.

The next factor that needs to be analyzed is the suppliers. These ones are in charge of delivering the goods that companies need to carry out their business activity. There is a perfect example that summarizes what being a supplier is. Alibaba is known worldwide to be one of the biggest online suppliers ever. They provide with a really manufacturing low costs and a huge range of products to choose from. The growth that this online platform achieved has been remarkable.

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Finally, the last factor that companies need to take into account, are the distributors. This includes the whole delivering channel, from the selling organization to the customer. Nonetheless, with the growth of the internet, many of the participants between the seller and the customers have disappeared from the channel. This is known as the disintermediation, where an omitting of wholesalers and retailers happens.

For instance, Apple or Dell went through the disintermediation concept. They were the leaders of the sector by selling their systems to customers by different traditional retail chain. But, as time went by, this chain become narrower and nowadays with the brand image they have created, they are able to sell directly to the customers bypassing the previous retail channel. The example of netflix is another one.

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We are a group of students attending the International Business school in Amsterdam. This platform serves the purpose of informing others on Digital Marketing.

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