Blockchain companies impacting two huge industries

Jul 2, 2018 · 3 min read

When considering industries that have an enormous economic impact worldwide, travel and real estate immediately come to mind.

The value of the world’s real estate is well over $200 Trillion while world travel accounted for nearly $8 Trillion dollars in 2017 alone.

AIRSTAYZ™ and Deed have positioned themselves to provide solutions for consumers in these industries through the power of blockchain.

AIRSTAYZ™ is poised to make a significant impact in the travel industry, while Deed is solving the problem of inflated real estate commissions.

Blockchain solutions provider Ledger Leap is assisting these projects through the development and growth process. Ledger Leap is a blockchain consulting company that helps companies with the entire process of a token launch.

AIRSTAYZ™ is revolutionizing how people travel by focusing on customer satisfaction through state-of-the-art technology and vendor accountability.

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AIRSTAYZ™ provides online hotel booking services at a fraction of the cost to hoteliers. Hotels are also rewarded by positive feedback from guests through a unique rating system. The benefits allotted to the hotel travelers are extensive.

Guests are able to skip the desk™ with OpenKey technology that allows them to open their room with the tap of their phone while completely avoiding the front desk at check-in. The AIRSTAYZ™ Concierge App is available to assist AIRSTAYZ™ guests. The App connects guests with local dining, shopping and attractions, and additional amenities that are available at the hotel. They earn STAY token by booking and rating their travel experience. The STAY tokens can be used for discounts and to participate in promotions through the Concierge vendors on the AIRSTAYZ™ App.

As AIRSTAYZ™ provides a unique travel experience, Deed is helping people back at home with their real estate transactions.

Excessive real estate commission charges have become a global problem for people looking to buy and sell homes. Sellers are giving up tens of thousands of dollars in the equity of their home that they have worked hard to earn.

The Deed Network currently includes brokerage offices in 163 cities that encompass all 50 U.S. States. These brokers are offering commissions reduced from the traditional 6% to 1% to sell a home. This accounts for $10,000 in savings on a average $250,000 home in the U.S, letting the homeowner retain that equity.

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The Deed Network is also assisting home buyers. Buyers earn a 2% rebate of the total cost of the home at closing. The first buyer using the Deed Network collected a $3,780 rebate check at closing.

Buyers and Sellers use DEED tokens to receive the reduction in commissions. Every 10 DEED equal 1% of the value of a home. The first buyer in the program used 20 DEED tokens purchased for $30 to receive the $3,780 rebate. He saved an average of $189 per DEED token purchased.

There are very few people in the world that aren’t impacted by travel costs or high commissions during real estate transactions. AIRSTAYZ™ and Deed have used the power of blockchain to improve those experiences through increased customer satisfaction and thousands of dollars in savings.

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