Cappasity virtual reality launches Deedcoin past real estate competition

Jun 12, 2018 · 3 min read
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Real estate is one of the most visual industries in our society today.

Agents spend endless hours showing homes to potential buyers, only to hear the words “this isn’t the one” roll off their client’s tongues time and time again.

Like any other business, time is money. With each additional unsuccessful showing, the frustration for the agent and even their client can begin to mount. Photos of homes on listing sites have become very detailed, but they don’t show the complete visual depiction of the property.

Deedcoin and Cappasity are eliminating the frustration of endless showings by telling the entire virtual story of the home like never before. This partnership is the first of its kind in the real estate industry.

Cappasity incorporates exclusive virtual reality and 3D imaging to allow real estate purchasers on the Deed Network to see homes like no one else in the world. The listing agents 3D image the home with 4K video shot from their cell phone and transmit the data to Cappasity. A visitor to the site can walk room by room through a potenital home with virtual reality. This platform is available at their fingertips on a desktop or with a cell phone. There are no other real estate companies providing this technology in the market today.

“Technology is king in our industry,” Deedcoin Co-Founder Charles Wismer said. “Strong technology partners like Cappasity ensure we remain cutting edge when it comes to providing the best solutions for our real estate clients and brokers.”

This technology is a game changer and lets real estate buyers take control of how they view a home and how many homes they can see in very short time. A buyer can look at a home in New York one minute, and be touring another home in Los Angeles immediately after.

Instead of an agent wasting time and money showing a buyer 10–15 homes over an entire Saturday, the focus can be efficiently streamlined. The buyer can review the homes with the Cappasity Virtual Reality view before meeting with the agent. The advanced viewing allows the buyer to choose 1–2 homes to see in person, eliminating hours of time the agent has to put into the process.

The agent listing the property has the link to the virtual tour on their site in the property description. This link is also shared on Trulia and Zillow among other listing sites.

The home buying process can be one of the most stressful processes a family goes through. Deedcoin is truly taking a lot of the stress out of buying a home. This technology also helps the sellers. By eliminating 80–90 percent of the showings, the sellers can spend more time in their home instead of having to constantly clean and leave their house while dragging their pets along with them. Most importantly, it allows sellers to introduce their homes to buyers around the world which can result in a faster and more profitable sale.

The Deed Broker Network has brokerage offices in 163 cities across all 50 States and Puerto Rico to assist real estate clients. The clients are rewarded for using the Deed Broker Network by paying less in commissions. Deed customers can pay as little as 1% commission compared to the traditional 6% when selling their home, retaining thousands of dollars in equity. Home buyers also benefit from the platform, and can earn up to a 2% rebate at closing by working with Deed.

For more information on how Deedcoin is revolutionizing the real estate world go to

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