Deedcoin partners with Rise Housing to help maximize real estate equity

Apr 3, 2018 · 3 min read

Deedcoin is proud to announce they’ve found a new ally in the real estate blockchain world that shares both our vision and values. Deedcoin and Rise Housing are now formally working together to help real estate consumers benefit from the innovative technology of both companies.

Rise Housing is changing the landscape of real estate ownership by allowing ownership of property “one dollar at a time.” The revolutionary platform, brought to market by Rise Housing, allows property owners to access liquidity by placing the property onto the Rise network.

The pioneering technology allows the funding for the conversion sale of the property to be supplied by a group instead of a single buyer. Rise converted properties are cleared of liens in the process and more equity is provided as additional rise to the property owner. The process is very straightforward. The prior owner can then liquidate the equity stored in Rise token at any time or simply convert these tokens into ownership of a new property in the Rise network. Rise Housing is solving the ownership and sales limitations of high value properties and has the complete support of the Deedcoin team and our entire broker network. The Deedcoin network footprint is broad including agents in over 150 U.S. cities representing all 50 States and Puerto Rico.

Deedcoin ( is passionate about partnering with another powerful disruptor of outdated thinking in the real estate realm. They will be assisting with the local real estate procedures to initially convert assets to Rise. Deedcoin Co-Founder Charles Wismer shared his insight about the partnership.

“Deedcoin and Rise ( both reduce costs in the industry and we will provide Rise with full access to our broker network to reduce the costs of converting assets to Rise to 1%,” Wismer said. ”Deedcoin has locally licensed agents that will handle the legality and paperwork of converting assets through the sales process. Once on the Rise ecosystem, ownership can be then easily transferred peer-to-peer in the future.”

Subsequently, customers transacting applicable properties through the Deedcoin network will be offered the option to convert to Rise along with traditional sale options.

“Deedcoin will be offering positive solutions as options to customers on the network even if they are not solutions that belong to us,” Wismer added. “We believe finding the best solution for every customer is the cornerstone of continuous growth as a business.”

“We see our partnership with Deedcoin as a superior value proposition, enabling any real estate seller to easily onboard to the Rise network and gain liquidity faster and easier,” said Rise Founder Monika Proffitt, “The level of structured security that our respective platforms bring, far surpasses anything that is currently offered in the consumer market. Between our combined efficiency, security and transparency, we intend to change the way real estate works, together.”

Deedcoin and Rise plan to blaze the trail of the forward path in their respective sectors of real estate. By solving the problems of today, both startups will be the real estate institutions of tomorrow.

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