Mayku FormBox Production Update 29/03/ 2017

Note: This is a copy of our Kickstarter update from March for all of those customers who have preordered a machine but have not been receiving email updates in their inbox.

New Prototype

Ben just got back from China where he had a tour of the factory where the FormBox will be made. It was great to finally get our hands on a working model of the new machine with all the added updates such as a fully injection moulded upper and lower case, a new jet black ceramic heater and beautifully ergonomic bright yellow handles. We’ve introduced a new design language to this machine that will run through our entire desktop factory (more on that coming soon). It’s based on a very elegant system of highlighting only the places on the machine where the user performs a function, so you know exactly how to use it. It’s lovely.

We can’t share images of the new design just yet without first securing design rights. As soon as we confirm things with our lawyers, we’ll be sure to share those images with you! Very frustrating we know!

In the meantime, Ben put together a selection of pictures from his factory tour in China that we’d really like you to check out…

The assembly factory where the FormBox parts will be assembled.
An amazing sheet metal factory where our trays will be made.
An example of the parts that were being run off the line of our injection moulding factory.
Incredible attention to detail being performed in our silicon factory.
Bags of ABS!

A Bump In the Road

Although the latest working prototype looks incredible, it’s not (currently) producing vacuum forms to the standard of our original machine! This has been quite confusing for us because very little of the overall functionally has changed to the updated design. After many sleepless nights spent hacking away at the machine in the Shenzhen studio, we’ve filtered the problems down to the defined list of possibilities below that we’re currently working our way through:

  • The seal needs to be tighter to ensure the best possible forms are made.
  • We need to reduce the force of suction — the current diameter of the hole in the suction tube is restricting the airflow from the hoover.
  • The change in hole density in the bed of the machine is decreasing the amount of airflow, so we’re working on a way to increase it and improve overall airflow.
  • The trays have a little bit of flex in them which causes the seal to break when force is applied, so we’re going to add in a return that will provide the rigidity they need.

We’re working our way through each issue methodically and we’ll have a much better machine once we’re done. This does, however, mean we’re going to be slightly behind schedule on delivery. We’ll be able to give you a much clearer indication on specific delivery dates in next month’s update, so stay tuned for that.

Thank you so much for your patience and support, we really appreciate it!

As always — if you have any questions feel free to give us a shout

All the best,

Ben, Alex and the Mayku team.

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