Mayku FormBox Production Update 24/02/2017

Note: This is a copy of our February Kickstarter update. It’s for those people who have preordered a machine since Kickstarter but haven’t been getting updates of our production progress in their inbox.

Hello friends! Hope this finds you well. A quick update on FormBox production from Mayku HQ:

It’s been quite the couple of months. Immediately after our campaign ended we started an intensive period of user and safety testing to flag up any problems before going ahead with production. Four crucial findings presented themselves:

  1. Making the FormBox out of sheet metal makes it both heavy and prone to getting too hot over extended periods.
  2. The lack of heat controls makes it difficult to precisely heat different materials.
  3. It’s hard to know when a sheet of material is ready to form.
  4. The internal wiring in the top of the machine presented a safety risk if it was to become loose and touch the metal casing.

Due to the safety concerns we had no choice other than to update the design of the machine.

With your support we’ve been able to work with the infinitely talented industrial design consultancy Map Project Office. Their knowledge and expertise has enabled us to overhaul the design to solve all of the above problems — we’re now building an overwhelmingly better FormBox.

From everyone at team Mayku, we’d like to personally thank you for giving us the opportunity to do this, it’s going to be a wonderful machine!

The updates to the design are as follows:

  • The sheet metal shell has now been replaced by a smooth and insulated injection moulded housing.
  • We’ve added a heat control dial to precisely control the temperature of the heater for different materials.
  • There’s now a timer to set different times for different materials and an internal speaker that makes beautiful sounds to let you know when your material is ready.
  • And one final bonus: An auto trigger that automatically turns your vacuum cleaner on when the trays come come down.

Think of it as you getting your hands on FormBox version 2.0 for exactly the same price!

FormBox Design Update

We’re incredibly excited to show you a sneak peek of the new interface:

As always drop us a line if you have any questions and have a wonderful day,

Ben, Alex and the Mayku team.

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