Mayku FormBox Production Update 23/06/2017


Ben here from Mayku, patching in from Shenzhen, China!

A quick prototype update:

The latest fully working model looks incredible — It’s so very close to being done but there was a bit of breakdown in communication between ourselves and the factory. Essentially we thought that the prototype had been tested 2000 times under heat but it had in fact only been tested with the heater switched off.

Upon hearing this, I flew out to China to review the latest mockup with the factory and ensure we progress to production as quickly as possible. After testing with the heater module on, some issues arose that we’re now on top of fixing. Believe me, it’s frustrating for us too — and we’re 100% committed to building the best machine we possibly can as quickly as we can.

Here are the problems we have and what we’re doing to solve them:

Tray connection:

We’ve designed the two trays in the FormBox to be able to hold a wide selection of different materials at various thicknesses. These trays hold the materials securely as they’re being warmed up by the ceramic heaters.

The majority of our materials work perfectly but after a batch of extensive testing, we’ve found that slightly thicker pieces of HIPPS (a type of sheet material) generate so much force when it’s being heated that it can separate the trays and destroy what would usually be a perfectly good form.

Instead of restricting the materials that could be used with the FormBox, we’re designing a way to reinforce the locking mechanism between the two trays. Two new design iterations have now been mocked up and arrived in the Shenzhen office today with another on the way.

Top unit connection

After putting the unit through two thousand cycles of test uses (that was fun!) we’ve found a slight issue with how the trays are held aloft, next to the heater. The latches that hold the trays in place have the potential to become weak with exposure to heat over longer periods of time, making them unreliable in the long term. We’re now in the process of re-engineering this mechanism with a much more robust design that will be able to withstand thousands of repeated uses at high temperatures. Mockups of these new parts should be arriving with us on Wednesday for testing.

Auto hoover switch

Thanks again to you guys for enabling us to add this to the machine and to our early beta testers for flagging it as an idea. It’s all working great — you plug your hoover into the back of our machine, and when you pull the trays down it auto — magically switches the hoover on. Awesome. The switch is currently super sensitive so you can occasionally switch it on by mistake which can be a little annoying. We’re currently thinking of adding a 10 second shut off period between cycles which we’re testing tomorrow. We’ll let you know how how this goes but we’re confident it will eradicate the problem.

The good news

The new bed design improves airflow and looks incredible. Here’s a sneak peek:

The seals will now be much tighter at gripping material and slightly thicker to prevent warping with heat. We’ve increased the hole size for the hoover tube so we now lose very little suction. We’ve had some amazing sounds designed by We Are Father — we’ll share these in an update soon.

When will my machine arrive?

The above changes are going to take a bit of time but they are 100% necessary. I personally apologise for the delay but it’s super important to us that we build the best machine we possibly can. Here’s the latest shipping schedule that we’re aiming for:

If you’ve preordered from the site since the end of the Kickstarter campaign, you’ll be receiving your unit around February 2018.

We’ll do everything we possibly can to move this forward even quicker than we currently are.

Please bear with us and thank you so much again for your support, patience and feedback. We cannot wait to get FormBoxes into your hands and see what you do with them. As always, let us know if you have any questions, ideas or plans.

All the best,

Ben, Alex and the Mayku team.

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