Written by: Jeremy Emmerich | Creative Director

Last evening, I was playing chess with my six-year-old son Maxwell. As we played our second game and he contemplated his next move, he looked at me with delight and said: “My mind is working really hard right now!” His little brain was…

Written by: Lauren Puchtel | Executive Assistant

At Open Book, we celebrate something called an “Openversary.”

Openversaries are celebrated each year on the day a team member began working at Open Book. There is usually a prank involved — just a little surprise to keep the lucky team member on their toes! Then the rest of the team circles…

As a small creative agency, we are daily entering into the unknown. Maybe that’s due to our size, but it’s definitely due to our mentality.

We serve leaders working to build a better tomorrow—which is full of unknowns by definition. We have a strategic vision for where we’re headed; we…

At Open Book, “invite people into your story” is our mission—but it’s also a mindset that applies beyond how an organization brands itself. And in this time of quarantine and social separation it’s a mindset that feels all the more important.

“Invite people into your story” is an opportunity every…

Open Book

We help mission-driven organizations invite people into their stories. www.teamopenbook.com

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