The Six Aha Moments of Thursday

From the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit #GLS15

Our team is attending the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, which is always a powerhouse time to think deeply about leadership. But today we love the extra emphases on mission, creativity, and team.

1. Find your why.
People aren’t motivated by the WHAT and HOW of work — they’re motivated by the WHY. It’s what drives learning, growth, and grit. And if you’re driven by an ambition that goes beyond yourself, people will follow that mission. — Bill Hybels

2. Problem-solving is king.
Creativity isn’t drawing or writing; it’s problem solving. Finding a solution to a problem is an act of creation. — Ed Catmull

3. You’re not failing; you’re growing.
Failure can be a terrifying, punishing experience. The world doesn’t make it easy to embrace. But it can be a profound opportunity for growth. It shows you your blind spots; it shows you your weaknesses, so you can get stronger. — Jim Collins

4. Team is everything.
In the middle phase of a creative project, when your ugly project child has yet to be refined into a beautiful grown-up, how do you measure the success of it? You look at your team — if your team is together and laughing, they’ll figure it out. — Ed Catmull

5. Get curious.
In the midst of conflict, in the midst of any project, you have to be willing to rumble with what you’re feeling and what’s really going on. Not just the story in your head, but what’s shaping the story in your head. How many of you really get curious about what you’re feeling? — Brene Brown

6. Stories will change the world.
Stories are the way we communicate at every level of life. They can be used to abuse, or they can be used to positively impact the world. — Ed Catmull