Introducing Ozlo 2.0

Today we released a major new version of Ozlo, making him available to everyone, on more devices, and brimming with new knowledge. It’s an exciting step toward our mission to make Ozlo the assistant you turn to for advice about anything, anywhere, anytime.

In May 2016, we introduced Ozlo on iOS in a limited release, focused mostly on food. Our goal was to get 10,000 people to try Ozlo, so that we could kick-start his learning and see how people reacted to him.

Ozlo easily exceeded all our expectations. User retention and engagement were much better than we had expected. Reviewers and user comments also backed this up. People called him “easier to use than google,” “brilliant,” and “a delightful way to find things.”

Encouraged by Ozlo’s strong start, today we are making him available to everyone. No invite required: everybody’s welcome.

We’re also adding a web version to complement our iOS app that will let you chat with Ozlo on nearly any device, even PCs. Just visit

Based on our early user feedback, we’ve deepened Ozlo’s knowledge about food, adding information and recipes from new partners including Anya’s Eats, Authority Nutrition, Cookie and Kate, Further Food, Gluten Free Jules, and Happy Cow and improving Ozlo’s ability to extract meaning from articles and user comments. You can now ask Ozlo about rooftop bars, happy hours, and special diets like gluten-free or vegan.

Ozlo has also learned some new topics. Over the last few months, we added weather, recipes, news, and even PokéStops. Starting today, Ozlo now knows about movies and showtimes as well. You can see what’s playing nearby, where to watch it, and book tickets.

We’re building Ozlo to be everywhere, know everything, and used by everyone. To do this, Ozlo needs to be easy to use, easy to access, and he needs to pull his information from as many services as possible.

For this reason, we’ve designed Ozlo as an open platform, making it easy for developers to add new services. This release marks the expansion of our platform and approach to aggregating data and services to make Ozlo more useful. The next year will find us opening to more providers and making it ever-easier for developers and content providers to work with us.

Soon, we’ll rely on assistants to help us access information and make decisions, the same way we use the internet now. We’re excited to officially kick off this adventure.

Welcome Ozlo as he makes his public debut. He’s here to help both consumers and developers reach a new frontier of information access.