Ozlo Helps You Catch ’Em All

Hey Pokémon Trainers! Ozlo, designed to become an expert in any topic, is learning how to be your Pokémon GO assistant. Now he can help you find PokéStops and Gyms anywhere in the U.S., taking your game to a new level.

Running low on Poké Balls or trying to find the next Gym to battle in? Just ask Ozlo to show you PokéStops or Gyms nearby, or at other locations such as landmarks, neighborhoods, and intersections. For example you can ask Ozlo for:

  • PokéStops near Santa Monica Pier
  • Poké Gyms near downtown LA
  • PokéStops near Olympic Blvd and Figueroa St

Use Ozlo to plan your day by getting a quick glimpse of where the major PokéStops are located without having to open the Pokémon GO app and wait for the map to load. He can even share walking and driving distances with directions to your next stop. Graduate to the next level more quickly with Ozlo as your guide. And remember, efficiency is key, so let Ozlo help you find a place to grab lunch where you can also replenish your Poké Ball supply!

This is a good example of how Ozlo is able to quickly grow and expand thanks to his unique ability to learn information directly from apps and websites. Unlike assistants that simply call out to third party services to complete tasks, Ozlo was able to learn about PokéStops and Gyms, and then blend that information with everything he already knows about 20M places in the US.
Want to make Ozlo your personal Pokémon GO assistant? Signup with the VIP code ‘pokemon’ (or click here) for instant access to the Ozlo iOS app.
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