Ozlo On Android

We built Ozlo to help everyone find, with speed, accuracy and intelligence, the things that they’re looking for. Ozlo is on a mission to know everything and be everywhere, and today, he is one step closer. We are happy to share that Ozlo is now available on Android.

Available on Android 5.0 and newer

An eager group of Ozlo fans have been patiently awaiting his Android debut, and we’re so pleased to bring him to Android devices starting today! Ozlo debuted on the web last month; Android users — now you can use him natively on your phone, with new features being added over time.

Ozlo is ready to help you plan your entire night out, from finding a place to eat, to getting you an Uber, to helping you buy movie tickets.

Want to be one of the first to see Ozlo in action on Android?

Download the Ozlo Android app here.

Don’t worry — you can still use Ozlo on the web and Ozlo on iOS. Ozlo is here to help you wherever you are and whatever device you’re using!