Warrior; Mother; Endurance Athlete; Leader: The Eagle that is all these things

Heather Boyd’s current goal is to run a 100 mile endurance race. She has been running endurance races for some time and is ready for her next challenge. Last year she trained for both the Rosaryville Race Series and North Face Endurance Challenge logging some serious miles and finished these 50k races strong. She is also on active duty orders with the Army, leads the Tuesday night runs in Fairfax and balances this all with family time. How does this Eagle manage to balance this all?

“You don’t have to be the best, that’s what I like about ultra-running. In the end I know I worked my hardest and did my best when I cross that finish line, even though I didn’t win”. However, Heather inspires fellow Team RWB members with her dedication to training and encourages other Eagles to come out and run. In fact, what drew her to Team RWB was the sense of accountability. “If I say I am going to be out there on a Tuesday nights to lead an RWB group run, I need to be there, even if I would rather be on the couch.”

Heather first found out about the Eagles like most people, through social media. “I stumbled across it on Facebook, and it stuck out to me. So, I reached out and almost immediately a DC leader messaged me and made me feel a part of the team.” Her connection with the Eagle and the team has only grown since then.

RWB holds her accountable even during the coldest months where most people would rather run on a treadmill or not at all. “I will post on Facebook to come out and run around a frozen lake in January in the rain” and people will show up. This is because running with Heather is fun. She can strike up a conversation with anyone and will stick with the slowest runner to make sure they finish the route and encourages them along the way.

Being a part of the Army Reserves for the past 15 years and now on active duty has also taught her accountability and balance. It helps that she has her own cheer squad with her son and husband who support her training, races and recovery. “Its all about balance” she says.

So what would Heather say to someone interested in joining Team RWB? “Give it a try! Come out to some events and you’ll make instant friends and have an cheering squad of good people who share your same goals”.