TRA is getting dirt on their new Greyshirts

Team Rubicon Australia are getting down and dirty in the town of Proserpine. On the 28 March 2017 a category 4 cyclone named Debbie tore through the heart of the Whitsundays region in Far North Queensland. Homes and Businesses were destroyed, towns lost power and over 25,000 local residents were evacuated. To add to the devastation, Proserpine was cut off by floodwaters for days. A call for help came from the local RSL and Team Rubicon was called into action.

Today twenty volunteers, also known as ‘Greyshirts’ made up of veterans, first responders and kick-arse civilians are putting their skills from former and current careers to use. They have flown in from all over the country to start the clean up.

With the power still out to the town of Proserpine, or ‘prossie’ as it is fondly known as by the Far North Queensland residents, our awesome greyshirts have started cutting and removing fallen trees debris and are continuing with the general debris removal from the damaged business and houses and the welfare checks of the elderly. In one day they have completed ten work orders and raised another thirty. The impact on the community has been a humbling experience for the TRibe as they get their first bit of dirt on their new grey shirts. However, we are under no illusion that there is still a massive amount of work to be done to restore this community back to good working order.

Grey Shirts removing tree debris from a local resident’s property — photo Adil Jain

The impact on both the greyshirts and the community is overwhelming. On a welfare check this morning one of our greyshirts, a former Infantry Corporal that has been medically discharged said; “I was lost for words when I met a local Prossie resident who’d lost his home and business, I asked him how things were going. Rather than using words, he simply responded with a hand signal to show he was doing it tough. When I saw his bottom lip begin to quiver I moved in and just gave him a big man-to-man hug and shared his tears.”

Grey Shirts speaking with the homeowner after cleaning up his home — photo Adil Jain

“The sense of purpose I have gained by being able to serve this community is immeasurable.” “Although I can’t lift as much as some of my fellow greyshirts, I know I have a place here and that I can contribute.”

Tomorrow another ten greyshirts will hit the ground, and they will hit the ground running.

We are continuing to network and spread the word to the residents of Prossie— The TRibe is here to lend a hand wherever they can!