Collaboration as a Business Model with SundaySwingsNYC

The Somble Team
2 min readAug 16, 2022

We don’t go around telling everyone and their mother to collaborate with each other for the fun of it. We do it because there is no better way to make money quickly and grow your business. The guys at SundaySwingsNYC know this better than anyone.

SundaySwingsNYC is a New York City based kettlebell class. Sometimes it’s at a local gym, sometimes it’s in a park, but every time it’s full of friends, colleagues, enthusiasts and anyone else who just loves to swing a kettlebell. In a city full of classes, this one stands out. It’s consistently crowded, with a healthy mix of regulars and new comers.

So how did the founders, Alex Williams and Vic Azoulai, build this community?

They collaborated with other coaches. By partnering with coaches across NYC to host large format group classes, they were able to draw audiences from different boroughs, disciplines and social circles. Since they were overlapping their existing audiences with these new audiences, they created a social networking experience with their classes.

What’s really incredible is that, in most cases, collaborating with other coaches was helping each coach get a bigger turn out from their own audience than they would usually get for their own individual classes.

Basically, when collaborating on classes, 1 + 1 = 3. And it makes sense why. If you tell someone to come to a class with multiple instructors, multiple disciplines and a bunch of new people to meet, that person is way more likely to want to come to that class.

All summer, SundaySwingsNYC brings other trainers in to coach outdoor classes alongside them, and they share the revenue with Somble’s revenue splitting tools. With absolutely nothing to worry about on the logistics front, they can focus on getting the right coaches to show up and show out with them.

Then, when winter comes around, they focus on serving their core clients that they earned during those summer workouts. They teach Hybrid classes, where clients have the opportunity to join either the in-person class indoors at a local gym, or join virtually via the Somble stream. Hybrid classes allow SundaySwingsNYC to manage these attendees in a single place, with a single booking.

Now, SundaySwingsNYC has over 200 supporters on Somble and SundaySwingsNYC Collaborations are setting a new standard in the training community. Most importantly though, SundaySwingsNYC creates opportunities for other trainers to make hundreds of dollars per class and gain exposure through teaching alongside them.

SundaySwingsNYC is showing exactly why collaboration always beats out competition, and we are proud to be the platform for their business.

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The Somble Team

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