A brief recap of tron atlas livestream

1. As of 7/30/18, 13 Super Representative (SR) candidates have been elected

2. As of 7/30/18, Network & Mainnet progress stable & expanding (Tronscan.org)

Block height reached (1,000,000) blocks 
Peak number of single transactions in a day (49,518)
Global nodes (362)
Accounts created on Tronscan (74,112)

3. The TRON foundation has successfully migrated 92.42% of ERC-20 tokens to mainnet tokens, currently their are 7.58% ERC-20 tokens still in the process of migration, you may perform this by sending to the ETH address on Binance or Gate.io

4. Bitmex is a digital asset exchange in which launched TRX contracts, Changelly integration of TRX within its ecosystem

5. Freewallet & Ledger support of TRX

6. TRON is working with Pornhub which will provide more extensive application scenarios for the TRON technology.

7. TRON completed acquisition with BitTorrent, leading the p2p industry with the most explosive file sharing network providing servers for over 1,000,000,000 users in 138 different countries, allowing TRON to be the largest decentralized ecosystem in the world

8. As of 7/30/18 TRON released the beta version of TVM and will be tested by all TRONICS, as of August 30th, TRON will complete its mainnet upgrade and launch the official version of TVM

9. TVM Is completely compatible with Ethereum and other VM’s, TVM being faster & more affordable for utility, with tools provided to developers within the TRON ecosystem, setting up developers for success.

10. TRON will provide a sandbox to the community to test the VM & find bugs, then voting will take place amongst the elected SR candidates while adjusting the beta version of TVM, after, the SRs will upgrade the newest program of TVM.

11. The official version of TVM will be more stable, secure, efficient, user/developer friendly, with optimized compile & structure set, development teams & tools to set-up developers for success.

12. Project Atlas, Set-up a development plan for the next 3 months, and will present more details at the end of August.

13. TRON to improve the BitTorrent protocol, making BitTorrent faster with TRON technology, and expanding the length of the lifespan of BitTorrent Swarms

14. TRON will improve the currently existing Altruism, in which currently does not incentivize peers for who have completed downloading to continue to seed, improving it to extend rewards to peers who seed torrents, infusing more resources into the torrent ecosystem.

15. Project Atlas will allow TRON to surpass Ethereum on daily transactions and become the most influential public blockchain in the world

16. TRON x BitTorrent integration will offer new possibilities to global payments & online content distribution without intermediaries changing industries globally.

17. Project Atlas will not be associated with any mining project nor have any negative impact on the experience of BitTorrent users, but to make it stronger & much more competent

18. The DApp Ecosystem will provide the tools, engines, 3rd party tools with documents & tutorials to explain how to use them.

19. Developer tools (User would need Tronweb)

TRON Link = to Metamask
TRON Truffle & Remix will be combined to make developing easier for developers as they both carry pros & cons.
TRONScan = to Etherscan
TRON Ganache, in which is similar to Ganache

20. As of 7/30/18, 40 exchanges have completed token migration

21. Operation of the Mainnet (Smooth & Stable)

1,000,000 blocks produced
Technical integration of 40+ exchanges with no financial loss
200+ tokens
13 elected community Super Representatives
Node deployment system

22. Odyssey 3.0 Introduction:

TVM Framework implemented
Committee mechanism - More than 20 parameters can be voted by the elected SR
Resource manager - Improve the deployment & management of Bandwidth, storage, RAM, CPU which can be managed together.
Exchange - For RAM, Storage & other resources

23. TVM - Implemented framework
Compatibility - TVM is Compatible with EVM & Other VM’s, TVM being the faster & lower utility cost VM

24. TVM Goals

Optimize the Compiler , the optimization will allow the code to execute faster with higher efficiency, ultimately consuming less resources.

Optimizing instruction set, will allow users to easily perform voting, freezing, trading and other functions within smart contracts

Additionally; TRON has also embedded the resource manager in the VM, which helps improve the resources of DApp development

25. TRON Database - Implemented a new Blockchain database in which has many advantages, helps reduce IO by 50%, also supports abnormal data recover & snapshot feature.

26. Rovak spoke representing on behalf of the TRON community, developer of tronscan.org, stated with TVM release TRON is ready for mass adoption, TRON’s biggest advantage is the community, you are the reason that TRON will become even more successful, your enthusiasm, participation, and encouragement to the Super Representatives, has allowed the SRs that have been chosen, to reinvest back into the community & ecosystem whether education, dapp development, or rewards to voters. VOTE!