A Legacy of Tron for the Decentralized Web

Hello everyone, as I am writing this... I can only think, when will we be writing articles on a TRON DApp? Yes, it is coming, many projects are. TVM Official launch is soon, August 31st will be a date to remember. A date in which allows many DApps to migrate over to the TRON network, and yes... many are waiting to join and be part of the TRON community.

Many are still unclear about what TRON exactly is, and why it is needed for the future. TRON will decentralize the web, what does this mean? Well, TRON is a network in which provides a platform for newly structured tech start-ups, a network in which provides no central node, meaning nothing can be controlled, nothing can be manipulated, nothing can be censored. Today, companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Youtube, all control the internet, they have power over the content creators, what they say, what they post, how they advertise.. Advertise? Oh... yeah, in the future when content creators own their content, we most likely will not see much advertising! Why? They get paid for their content! I'm sure you all think differently of people who promote you products because they are paid to do so... well, they have no choice! Middlemen take most of the revenue from the content that they create. Unfair right? Yes, well we will not have to worry much longer. TRON will restructure the web & all tech start up business models, providing a network in which developers can develop platforms which give content ownership back to the creators. An ecosystem for the community, and by the community. TRON needs YOU. TRON ecosystem is built by the community, TRON offers a network for a community to get together, to work, to entertain, to be entertained, to laugh, to share memories, and most importantly to own YOUR content.

Thank you everyone for reading, I'd like to thank all who came together to make this happen, every step, is a step closer to a decentralized web, much gratitude to the team & TRON community in which has supported us over the past 5 months, without you all, we could not have been able to do this.

- Drew Wise