Team TRONICS Weekly Update as of August 21, 2018

Hello TRONICS, we have been very busy in regards to the development of Tronics University. Weekly updates are back, and we will keep you all informed on the progress Team TRONICS has made weekly! We will have a roadmap presented to the community very soon in regards to our future of developments by Team TRONICS.

Thank you all for your support, it means the world to each and every one of us at Team TRONICS, the community Super Representative, elected by the community & for the community.

< Tronics University Progress >

[Structure] Course topics for phase one TU completed

[Content] Content structure for videos complete, content for courses in the works

[Material] Material for TU phase one courses in the works

[Enrollment] Enrollment environment in the works, scheduled for the Fall of 2018.

[Phase 1] Phase 1 courses <Basics of Blockchain & TRON> will be released in the winter of 2018/2019

< Technical Development Progress >

[Network] Team TRONICS has maintained network stability & hasn’t missed a single block.

[Ecosystem] Development of education ecosystem in the works.

< TRONSR Governance >

Team TRONICS has drafted our first copy of our proposals to bring to the SR council when all 27 SR seats are full and we enter “Odyssey 3.0”, we will present this proposal to “TT council” for a final review, then, to the community for a final vote, if voted with a majority rule, we will bring the proposals to SR council.

< Team & Partners >

Team TRONICS has grown to 37 team members all selected from the TRON community with many different skills & abilities, it’s amazing to see how skillful & strongly passionate the TRON community is, together we are strong & will create a vibrant TRON ecosystem. If you would like to join Team TRONICS email

Team TRONICS has partnered with HummingPay, a blockchain based, decentralised payment solution, providing integration services for individuals and businesses. For more information visit

< Community Efforts & Growth progress >

[Growth] Team TRONICS community has grown exponentially.

Team TRONICS will be hosting the community meet up of the year, join us and view the world from the roof before we change it together. For more information visit,

Team Tronics Census as of August Month to Date-

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