GOOD is an UNDERRATED concept.

How can “it” keep up with GREAT, WONDERFUL, AWESOME or EPIC?

We are always striving for BETTER- but in the pursuit of BEST, are we missing out on all of the GOOD?

Here are some things that are PERFECTLY GOOD:

. A GOOD morning

. A GOOD nights sleep

. A GOOD friend

. A GOOD deed

. A GOOD neighbor

. A GOOD habit

See where we’re going?


Don’t get us wrong- there are many reasons to strive for the BEST:

. Give the BEST quality

. Give the BEST attention to detail

. Give the BEST consideration

. Give the BEST hospitality

. Give the BEST service

. Give the BEST care

Don’t miss out on all of the GOOD in life. Sometimes GOOD is as GOOD AS IT GETS!

Have a GOOD DAY!! 😊😊❤️





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