A New Year ….. A New Beginning

January has arrived and catapulted me into the demarcation known as a ‘new’ year. I fully realize that our dimension of being is marked by time and seasons, although in truth, the only ‘time’ we possess is NOW…..

NOW ….. a present reality and a priceless gift.

Yet ….. we squander away far too many of our present gifts of NOW due to our insatiable need, want, desire, programming, conditioning, and indoctrinating which causes us to return and wallow in our past; or to launch into serendipitous future-tripping as if we have any control over either …..

Staying present; being engaged and engaging with life and people ….. is simply not something easy for most of us. It requires someone who has awakened and become self-aware, who takes the necessary steps to act intentional to be present.

Sadly, far too many of us human BEINGS are illiterate and ignorant that there is a NOW present moment …. and in this NOW present moment, lies all of our power to BE and co-create future and therefore, enact change such that the past will no longer be able to repeat itself consistently.

This is my journey, as well as my path to being and becoming more authentic, real, genuine, and alive. I AM a co-creator with my Creator. I AM learning to BE and from this place of being, becoming who I truly am.

Awakenings may happen ‘suddenly’ ….. or over a season of chronos time. Awakening may also be Kairos in timing such as a “God-shot” moment of intentional intervention. Regardless of how ….. it simply must come forth. While there is no such thing as ‘time’; there IS such thing as NOW ….. and in this NOW moment, truly, ALL things are possible.

Here is to the impossible becoming I’m Possible. Happy New Year!

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